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So, all big guys are the same?

This isn't what they saw. I just have the hood on like...really?

This isn’t what they saw. I just have the hood on like…really?

Okay…I guess ALL big dudes look alike. Seriously. It has to be Fat Boy Syndrome or SOMETHING. Listen…

So, I’m in McDonald’s yesterday right? I’m working and writing and everything and this guy and this girl (race remained hidden to protect the other fools that behave like this) is at this table in front of me. I’m all INTO my work so I’m not paying attention to ANYTHING. So apparently dude had been calling “me” and “I” wasn’t answering so he decides to throw a freakin’ frie at me. Im like… um? He says.. ain’t yo name Aaron? I’m like nah. He said you sure? As if I don’t know MY name. I said yeah man. Then the girl was like oooooh I’m so sorry. They bust out laughing. I do too. I mean, it’s funny. I’m not laughing because he got the wrong guy. I was laughing because I’m like this idiot just threw food at me, something I almost KILLED somebody over in high school. That’s a whole other story. Do NOT ask me about that. I swear I’ll say NOTHING lol.

Then TODAY, same situation, different people. I’m at the SAME Mickey D’s just because. And this group of dudes (race shall remain a mystery) are crowded at this booth in front of me. I’m eating something I shouldn’t be eating since my radio team and I are still in our 100lbs in 100 days Challenge, and after coming back to reality (that indulgence seriously took me out lol – don’t judge me), I hear someone saying, “aye big man. Big man, aye”. I look up and he’s leaning outside the booth trying to see me since his buddy wouldn’t move over. I’m like…yes? He goes didn’t you go to (insert high school name here)? I say… no. I went to Newton. He said you sure? As if I don’t know what high school I went to! Then he asks, did you go to (insert high school number two here)? I say no. He says you sure? I say YES, I’m sure. He then asks for a third time (apparently 3rd time’s a charm in his book) and asks did you go to (insert high school number three here)? I say no man. I went to Newton High School in Covington, GA. Newton County. Covington. You ever heard of that place? He goes… oh, nah. My fault. And goes back to eating.

Like seriously??? LOL. That was HILARIOUS to me. I honestly didn’t know I looked like so fat people OR the SAME one these people are looking for. Unless there’s Fat Boy Syndrome and I’m just now finding out about it. Makes me think of two things. Either they’re looking for this dude I clearly am twins with and about people when they say all White people look alike or all Black people look alike or all Mexican people look alike or all gay people ACT alike, or whatever. I know it was just a harmless mistake, but makes me think about how quick we are to profile someone even when there is no association.

This post wasn’t necessarily important, it was just I had a thought based on my experiences with Fat Boy Syndrome and wanted to share it with you.

To my big brothas out there…does this happen to you? Or was it just ME? Somebody, anybody, help me out. Please. lol.



I’m happy. And excited. All rolled into one. It’s kinda like a fruit roll up, minus the fruitiness. Or, like a pecan spinwheel without the nuts. What I’m trying to say is, I’m happy. And it’s all because of faith.

I’ve lived in Atlanta for 22 of my 23 years of life. I’ve loved, lived, lied, and let people down, and it has made me into who I am today. A writer, repentant. By faith.

Moving to D.C. in March and I’m terribly excited. It might not mean much to you, but it means so much to me. Many that personally know me have asked why. Well, it’s all God. And that’s the cold truth. He’s been pushing me there since June 2012 and so now it’s finally becoming official.

Is it scary? Am I nervous? You can bet your last copper penny it is and I am. But I know it is all worth it. This leap of faith is what I need to continue to honor my “New Year’s Resolution” for 2013: to live life.

So, with that being said, thank you for joining me here. I did only ONE post last year, yes – I’m SMH at myself, but that will change. It really will. Writing is my thing and this year, is my year.

So take a moment, look around, leave comments. It’s somewhat bare right now, but as time progresses I’m sure I’ll have hundreds of posts here come February 2014.

Thanks for your support and viewership.

be happy. i am.

Rashaad4Reel LIVE!

Hello readers. I am so thrilled that you took the time to stop by my site to view my work as a writer. I don’t take your time for granted so I’ve posted only a small portion of my works. I appreciate all of the feedback as I’m never too old to learn and to receive constructive criticism.

I hope that you enjoy what you read here and producers or the hiring powers that be, I anxiously await to receive your request to read entire scripts or articles. Thank you again and happy reading!

– Rashaad4Reel